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Family Movement!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you because you have no idea how you have helped to shape my current road of travels. Where I am now in my life is indescribable. I am happy and grateful for all of the people and circumstances that have brought me up to this point.

My daughter and I were living in Florida. My daughter was diagnosed with a developmental disability and within two years, she was forced to go to five different schools. I lost my job and we moved three times before becoming homeless. In 2009, we moved to Boston and in 2011 were moved into a Family Shelter. This is where Family Movement lit the match that has been waiting to shine.

I have always been a positive person and I try my best to make each day better than the one before. There is always a gift out of a situation that isn't pleasant - always! I recognized that gift when I met LaKenya. When I saw her, she instantly inspired me. What she had inside of her, that passion of hers, has always been inside of me too. It was buried, but I knew it was there. I watched her every movement, doing what she loves to do so well! Everything came full circle for me and I realized that I needed to start changing some things in my life. 

I came in towards the end of the program, but seeing LaKenya really motivated me. Since then I have been actively working on this passion of helping others. It is such a vast area but I love doing it. I am currently doing lots of volunteer work, pinpointing the greatest need where I can be of service. I am starting UMASS in the fall. My goal is to own a nonprofit organization, where I too can be a positive impact on someone's life and help them attain their highest and truest expression of themselves, as Family Movement did for me.

-Camille Fenton



Camille Fenton has graduated from UMASS Boston. Her and her daughter currently reside in Boston and Camille is working full-time.

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